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We are an experienced team skilled in artist management, music production, and content management, committed to the holistic development of artists' careers. With its own media advantages and diverse channel resources in the United States, Forest Dream has established a comprehensive presence across high-quality films, TV dramas, music, and live streaming, engaging in development, investment, production, and distribution. Demonstrating professionalism and market insight, Forest Dream provides integrated marketing and comprehensive services for projects and works, fostering long-term partnerships with mainstream TV stations, video websites, and other media outlets nationwide.

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At the core of Forest Dream's artist management business is the management of all aspects of artists' performing arts affairs, facilitating their comprehensive expansion into fields such as film, music, variety shows, and commercial ventures. Forest Dream tailors personalized artist plans, strategically positions artist images, and matches them with diverse projects to explore and cultivate artistic diversification from multiple dimensions.

Forest Dream's artist management business primarily focuses on two sectors: film and television artists, and music artists, ensuring the alignment of suitable projects with the unique characteristics of each artist.

In the realm of music production and distribution, Forest Dream encompasses services such as customized artist song creation, film and TV OST production, integrated marketing, and promotional activities. Leveraging an extensive library of original music compositions, Forest Dream possesses a wealth of artist resources, exceptional production teams, and dedicated publicity and distribution teams. The company provides services including artist song customization, film and TV OST production, and music promotion and distribution. Drawing from its expertise in film and television production, Forest Dream fulfills OST requirements, offering music production services for film and TV music and scoring, coupled with robust platform and channel resources for the integrated marketing of works.

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