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Tik Tok Live Certified Agency

What is Tik Tok Live Certified Agency?

Forest Dream Media is the official certified partner of TikTok Live. We work with content creators as well as business partners, providing both parties with resources, opportunities, and guidance in order to build a collaborative environment and sustainable success for all.

Why should you join us?

As one of the few contracted and certified partners of TikTok Live, we are able to provide you with the best services that MCNs can offer.


No additional commissions

At TikTok Live, you can redeem money through virtual gifts, which can be bought with coins or diamonds (TikTok currencies). After receiving a gift, TikTok will take 50% of the value of the gift as a commission. Along with all the benefits you get from working with us, we will not take any commission from your virtual earnings.

Start streaming right away

TikTok requires its users to have at least 1,000 followers in order to go on live. However, we are able to help you to bypass that restriction and start streaming right away even with no followers at all!

Get more exposure

We possess vast expertise in nurturing content creators' growth journey and exploring brand collaborations and offering traffic support for your account.

Additional rewards

If your account’s growth surpasses our expectations, we will offer you additional rewards!

Account recovery

In the course of live streaming, should broadcasters encounter any account usage or operational issues, we, as your dedicated assistant, will be helping you find prompt and effective solutions.

​Services we provide

  • Accelerated Entry for Newcomers

  • Customized Development Plans

  • Access to Premium Platform Resources and Traffic Support

  • Support and Resources

  • Regular Communication and Engagement

  • Establishment of Incentive and Reward Mechanisms

  • Organization of Events and Competitions

  • Training and Learning Opportunities

Like what you see?

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