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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Forest DreamWorks was established in March 2019. The founder, Ms. Na Gao, is a senior agent for the performing arts from mainland China. She also successfully co-founded, with her partner Mr. Xiang Ji, Beijing’s I-Am-A-Legend Film and TV Culture Company, LTD., and the Orient’s Awakening Trainees For The Performing Arts Company. The company currently has existing contracts with numerous artists and continues its commitment to the discovering, training and cultivating of talented young actors and child actors. Furthermore, the Forest Dream Works explores talent development models with a global perspective. Currently, the company is devoted to discovering Chinese ethnic young adults and child stars, and provides early performance education and training to create the stars of tomorrow. As a professional entertainment media agency, the company consists of a senior planning team working closely with a first-class music production group; an experienced video/cinematography shooting team; a group of professional choreography instructors; and a number of acting instructors. The company has a successful track record of mining and cultivating many of the currently notable artists and child stars. With professionalism and innovation, the company has firmly established itself in a mainstream position in the industry. The company now joins hands with a recognized media network: Beiwa in China to strengthen the current position in the industry. This partnership takes advantage of the channels in the network, and makes referrals of young actors and potential child stars to movies, TV program directors, various filming sets and advertising agencies alike. Having access to the film and television sets as a potential outlet widens the door for new possibilities in the Chinese children’s entertainment industry. We will continue to foster diversified operations in the entertainment industry and open up new patterns for child actors in television, film and entertainment.

森林梦工厂成立于2019年3月,其创始人高娜女士为中国内地高级经纪人,与合伙人纪翔成功创立北京我是传奇影视文化有限公司以及觉醒东方练习生公司,旗下艺人众多,公司致力于以匠人之心挖掘、培养、打造优质演员及童星,以国际视野探索多元化模式,目前致力于挖掘华裔青少年童星,本着开发早期表演教育与培训,打造未来之星。作为一家专业的娱乐传媒机构,公司拥有资深策划团队、一流音乐制作团队、实力雄厚的拍摄团队、明星编舞授课导师团队、表演指导老师授课导师团队,现已挖掘、培养多位知名艺人,新晋童星,以专业创新奠定行业主流地位,现与国内一线贝瓦网强强联手, 打造童星,为知名导演,各剧组、广告公司输送演员,以影视剧为输出口,发掘华裔儿童娱乐行业。打造娱乐产业多元化运营,开辟儿童影视、娱乐新格局。

  • Since 1998, she joined Beijing Jingwen Records co., LTD., responsible for production and promotion of music, film and television products, exploring new talent and assumed the duty as agent to the contracted artists.

  • 自1998年加入北京京文唱片有限公司,负责音乐与影视产品的制作,推广,发掘新人及艺人经纪管理。

  • In 2013, she joined Jiaxuan media entertainment co., Ltd., as the Vice President of The Film Works, and continued her responsibility in managing artists' contracted affairs, as well as the production and development of films and TV series. Later, the company was renamed and listed in the Chinese stock market as Lajin entertainment, during this period Na Gao was appointed as the executive director and project director of China Star Culture Industry Company in Hong Kong.

  • 直至2013年加人稼轩传媒娱乐公司,出任影业副总裁,继续负责艺人经纪以及制作开发电影、电视剧。后公司上市并改名为拉近网娱,期间被委任为香港中国星文化产业公司执行董事及项目总监。

Na Gao 高娜
  • Na Gao has extensive contact with directors, producers and accumulated other resources in the industry from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  She also actively identified and associated with new directors and contributed in script development and project development promotions.  She is familiar with the industry and has insight in the trends and directions of the industry developments.

  • 积累了行业内丰富的人脉及中港台导演资源,同时发觉新锐导演,签约后协助剧本开发及项目推进工作。熟悉行业操作规则并能够洞察行业发展方向。

  • Presently, she has signed contracts with many well-known traditional artists from China, and with her partners, has engaged in training new artists. Having the solid foundations provided by the traditional artists, she has successfully founded the Awakening Oriental Trainee Company. The new songs produced from the company had consistently stay on the top of the charts.

  • 目前在国内签约多名知名传统艺人,井与合伙人共同培养练习生,以传统艺人为基础又成功创立了觉醒东方练习生公司,每一首歌曲都排在排行榜冠军。

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