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Become a YouTuber

You can learn how to create your own YouTube channel and maintain it.

This course aims to teach learners who want to be online influencers. During the course, you can learn the basic knowledge about how to create your own channel and how to take pictures and shoot videos.

Fill a form and we will schedule an interview with you to help you choose the course level. No payment info needed.

Class Format

Option 1

1 on 1 Private Class

On Campus



• Tailored classes
• Work with teacher closely
• Proceed faster to a higher level
• Full attention from the instructor
• Flexible schedule

Option 2

2-6 people

Only Online

Small Group Class

• Learn with same level learners
• Cooperation with peers
• Take group examination
• Progress with peers
• Learn from other peers


Course Overview

YouTuber Class

Duration: 16 courses, 1hour/class

This course is designed to help students who want to set up a YouTube Channel and become successful on YouTube. We will provide step-by-step tutorial instructions on setting up a YouTube account and teach students how to grow and manage their YouTube channels. We will start with the best practices for all Youtubers including useful tips. Then students will learn how to use and navigate the YouTube Platform. Later on, students will start to shoot videos and make videos for their own channel. Afterwards, students will learn how to shoot a great video with any camera, how to record great audio and how to edit videos efficiently. Last but not the least, students will learn how to post the video to their YouTube channel with attractive titles, descriptions and tags that will get the most views.

Assessment: Students can create and grow their own YouTube channels.


• Watch YouTube videos

• Analyze YouTube videos

• Figure out the theme of your own YouTube channel

• Use best practices for creating and growing a YouTube channel

Vlogger Equipment

Class Objectives:

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

• set up a YouTube Channel from scratch

• grow and manage your YouTube Channel 3. Know the basis of editing videos

• understand the major elements of viral videos

• navigate the YouTube platform

• post and optimize your video with great titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails

How to Enroll

A free consultation is needed so we can know you more and find tailored classes for you.


Tell us what subject you would like to learn and what is your experience with it. We will contact you to schedule an interview.


Please relax, it’s not a test, just a consultation to know more about you and we can decide which level of the course should you start with.

Enroll & Pay

After our interview you will be enrolled to the course we agreed on. Please make the payment before the first day of the course starts. Then get ready to your first class!

Start Course

This is the first step to your success! Follow our experienced instructor and practice hard on what you learned!

Course Instructors

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Michael Shu
Nick McDonald
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